Friday, February 22, 2008

SXSW Interactive is Going to be Amazing

I am really excited to be a part of the SXSW Interactive coverage this year. This will obviously be my first time, and I look forward to reporting on a variety of events....and seeing a whole lot of culture. Aside from seeing Mark Zuckerberg's speech (which I can't wait to hear), I see that they are holding their 11th Annual SXSW Web Awards Ceremony. Are we able to go to this?? If so, it sounds pretty amazing, especially since it's hosted by Adobe.

While some of these titles seem a little ambiguous
as to what exactly will be covered (Communal Narrative: Exquisite Corpse Filmmaking???), panels like "Africa 2.0: Affecting Change Using Technology" and "Life After the i-Phone" are also piquing my interest due to my interest in how technology diffuses and their effects on definitely seems like this festival has a lot to offer.

I was really surprised to see how many of the panels are game-related. I guess gaming is really the epitome of interactivity and it's increasingly popular, so why not? Also, I saw a few related to "going green" with technology - again, not sure exactly what that could entail, but it sure seems interesting. I wish they had descriptions!

Anyway, I really hope to be able to shoot some video and post it on the blog. I think there will be an abundance of sights and sounds...and I hope I have enough tape to get it all!

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Cindy Royal said...

I think your Sunday pass will allow you to attend the Web Awards, but I will check to make sure. Thanks for the post. I'm excited, too!