Sunday, March 9, 2008

All about blogging!

Okay - it's Theresa - time to pause and blog for a bit between the hours of chaos. Earlier I went into a Core Conversation meeting room all about blogging. Instead of the panel format, these are more like 6 or 7 different tables with small groups carrying on open dialogue between experts in the field and people learning to use or take advantage of all things New Media!

The table closest to the door that I ran into first with a few beads of sweat on my forehead was led by Ed Shull, the CEO of NetResults. He discussed "monetizing," or making money as we non-techies say it, as a blogger. He says that video blogging is the way things are headed currently. He says it doesn't even matter what you video, just shoot it and blog it! He also discusses Adwords and how to make money when people click on certain links you place on your blog.

The next table I hit was "I'm Internet Famous" and Alice Marwick, a PhD candidate at NYU discussed different formats of blogs and how important it is that there is diversity present on the Web. One man discussing that in the group said he received a personal invite a few years back to attend SXSW simply because he was an African American blogger and there were not very many on the Web at the time. One woman got a round of applause in this group once she revealed that she ran a popular fashion blog that many people in the group were aware of....I was not. But I'll look for it now!

My personal favorite in this room was the table with Rohit Bhargava, an SVP of Digital Marketing at Ogilvy. It was called "10 Easy Ways To Piss Off a Blogger." Just to name a few that I caught, it is BAD to:
1. Pretend to be a frequent visitor to a blog and comment after only reviewing a few of the previous blogs.
2. To be too SPAMMY and not provide an Opt-out choice for your visitors, people who comment, or bloggers on your site.
3. To not provide an opportunity for bloggers to talk about themselves (Mark Z's interviewer would have a heart attack without this option, but we'll get to her later)
4. To treat bloggers like journalists - they don't like to be seen as a journalist.
5. To not be relevant!
6. Creating too many hurdles or points of action in order to post or comment. Less hassle - the better.
7. Not being TRANSPARENT! Lori Bergen would have liked that part of the discussion. :)
8. To not give credit where credit is due. Attribution is a huge deal in the blogging community!!!

Here is a pic of Rohit Bhargava - he was really engaging and welcomed a lot of discussion.

Stay tuned for more cool pics, some highlights, and, of course, my thoughts on the Mark Z interview! Cheers!

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