Monday, March 10, 2008

True Stories from Social Media Sites

Philip and I went to see Guy Kawasaki (sounds like a motorcycle) moderate a panel with seven members about their experiences - good, bad, profitable, embarrassing, etc. Some of the ethics in journalism came up.

One of the better stories was from Kathryn Finney, the owner and creator of, who received pictures from Sara Jessica Parker's media people to promote a new line of clothing she was endorsing and posted them on their site.

When Parker was given a spot on Oprah, the media folks demanded that budget fashionista take down the pics, as they had promised Oprah an exclusive. The blog and pics surrounding the new fashion line actually went relatively unnoticed until the site refused to take down the photos and it became news. The site was threatened with legal action and budget fashionista used their blogs to ask their fans what they should do.

One fan even said they would start a legal fund to defend the challenge made by Parker's people and the traffic on the site increased six times its normal amount, capturing numerous new users. Parker's people dropped the threat and the site came out of the ordeal much richer from the exposure.

"The lesson is to engage your community and throw it back to them for feedback," said Finney.

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Cherie said...

The power of bloggers is intense! I love how the internet is acting as a source of power against big media monsters like Sarah Jessica Parker and Oprah. The democratic power of the bloggers overtakes the power that Parker's "people" think they have. And the outcome is beautiful! The site ends up getting more exposure than ever and Parker and Oprah get what they deserve. Finally, we can start believing in fairness and justice again!