Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This may be my final interactive post

The future of Internet radio?!

Is it the same ol' same ol'?

Or are we living in the long-Tail?

Or simply the best damn radio station in the land...click here

These Internet radio guys argue about radio as much as terrestrial radio people do.
The online music market is so massive that it affords itself to have many different operating platforms.

Monetization. Is the pricing structure to pay artists for their music correct or does it still need to be tweeked? The ability of small independent Internet radio operators will be determined on the outcome how this question is answered. One issue facing online radio is the ability to monetize online advertising. All the effort of creating national ad campaigns is going into online interactive content. Audio ads are not the focus.


Heather Steely said...

So, if the new focus for radio is visual advertising on stations' websites, does that mean the nice radio folks will go back to decreasing the number of audio ads we listeners left still have to listen to during commute time? I hate that 5-minute block at the bottom of the hour!!

Irene said...

While everyone is struggling to figure out the best way to make money on Internet, it seems that the big guys have given up on the am/fm dial-- sad :(