Sunday, March 9, 2008

Responsible Web Design

Hey, it's Jon again...sitting here in a packed room of web coders and Dreamweaver lovers. I feel a little out of place at this one, as I'm not completely sure what they're talking about. However, I did get a lot out of this panel before they started with this crazy coding jargon, using words like "hoverclass" and such. Some intersting points they made:

When coding, it is vital to have standards since there are so many browsers out there. Some organizations that seek to make decisions on these standards are the WWW Consortium and WaSp. They do so because browsers are creating their own standards, and it is becoming almost impossible to get the same results with all browsers.

Another interesting suggestion they made that I will use when (possibly soon) making my own web page is to use several "flash areas" of my site instead of making it completely flash-based. Also, when coding I will use general names for my sections of information such as h1, h2, h3 for headings instead of saying "right column" or "left column" to make it more standardized in case someone else tries to code the same page which would do a lot for consistency on the page.

Stephanie Sullivan, one of the panelists, makes the templates for Dreamweaver and is a coding expert. She was talking about how the general pages aren't meant to be pretty, just functional and used as a strong base for making almost any kind of Web page.

I have a video here of her calling Internet "Exploder" and talking about which browsers are best for Web creating. So, I'll let you watch that for yourself...and then I will say, "see you after the next panelist (Mark Zuckerberg)."


Choon said...

I made a simple flash project for my friend recently. Checked with my safari and firefox, but turned out horribly on IE. Still couldn't figure out...

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