Saturday, March 8, 2008

"in anticipation for the Onion panel”

This is my “in anticipation for the Onion panel” post.
Since looking at the schedule a few weeks ago, this has been the one panel I have looked forward to the most. I think I may have done that embarrassing get-excited-when-you’re-by-yourself jump and semi-squeal when I saw it on the schedule.

I have a had a semi-dull afternoon. I attended the panel on the radical Muslim presence on the Internet and enjoyed it. I took very good notes and began formulating a post in my head when I checked the blogged and found that Anna had been live blogging it. And she did a very good job. So I abandoned my notes and just listened.

Then I attempted to get a quick video interview with panelist Shaarik Zafar, but as he is from the Department of Homeland Security, he had to get the proper permissions to give an interview and was unable to obtain them over the phone. Kudos to him for trying. And he gave me a business card with brail on it.

I then attended the panel about the book The Myth of the Rational Voter. I did not know it was a book panel. And the title of the panel and the book were both tons more exciting than the actual panel.

I left a bit early (ten minutes into the speaker's diatribe of how economists will interrupt him and how his father doesn’t believe him) and went down stairs to the gaming convention. I don’t have much to say for it. I guess if I was into Dells and Guitar Hero I would have enjoyed it.

OK, the panel is about to begin.

(makes excited jump and squeal without knowing it… gets embarrassed).

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anna said...

Dang! Chris, I wish I had known you were in that one. We could have double-teamed it. Ha.