Saturday, March 8, 2008

Semi_Live w/Jenkins

On my way in, I saw some remediation in law enforcement:

Almost like being at GenCon ;)

Okay, now I'm listening to Jenkins discuss how the culture of Blood Elves in WoW can lead back into the collaborative movement of interactive democracy he sees manifested in Obama's campaign.

It's a wild, but insightful talk.

I wish we didn't view collaboration as new, however. Te technology is more about allowing us to use our age-old, local tendency to collaborate on a global level.

The collaboration isn't new, the size of the village is new. Now our shared oral stories and gabfests are among billions rather than hundreds. It's a significant matter of perspective.

Speaking of perspective, here's how I'm watching it in the overflow room.

Slightly Big Brother lookin'?

The social mechanism as gaming platform for learning is a huge area to rewrite learning as collaborative again. Games have a seminar-like feel. One more reason to consider RPI for my doctorate. Ah, options...

The question on these democratic processes being owned by corporation sis a big one and overly Utopian views can be an issue. This needs to be a panel issue next year. And not because I'm giving a paper on the subject at C&W in Atlanta. ;)

Okay, I need to go find the Internat'l collab room!

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