Sunday, March 9, 2008

Intro.. to a fun filled day

Ok, so I just got here a few mins before 10 O Clock, but I was lucky enough to find Cindy who immediately took me up to the press booth to get my credentials.

My name is Sunday Udoetok and I am a grad student in Mass Communication and also taking the New Media Class with Cindy this semester.

Right now, am in the first panel discussion, "Who is Inspiring Who," and we are in the middle of watching a video montage with lots of clips of famous movies - Spider Man, Start Wars, etc. Not very sure what its all about - but shhhh 0 the panel is about to start...I ll find out what it was all about later.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the day

11am - Friend Me! Vote for Me! Donate Now!

2pm - Zuckerberg Keynote

3pm - Blogs, Buzz and Buddy Lists

5pm - Optimizing Search and Social


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