Sunday, March 9, 2008

What I learned from watching Mark Zucker...

1. He can withstand a barrage of flash photography and still keep his cool.

2. He cannot withstand an over zealous interviewer and keep his cool. 

3. He plays the drums on his knees when he speaks. Or maybe he is practicing patty cake. 

4. Facebook does not have a proactive approach to changing the world… just helping people communicate better. 

5. He used to sweat more?

6. The Internet and subsequent applications should replace large organizations.

7. Is ok to be in an abusive relationship with his interviewer.

8. Facebook and social development are in a long-term relationship… like decades long.

9. He is sorry for how Beacon came out.

10. All of his/Facebook’s mistakes were based on lack of user control or awareness of control.

11. He/Facebook isn’t thinking about money/business.

12. “It’s not necessarily about value”

13. “We’ve made some management changes”… don’t cross Mark.

14. It is hard to hold an “Interactive” audience’s attention when you get into financial and business issues.


16. If you’re a snarky interviewer he will snark back.

17. He might have control issues.

18. And privacy vs openness issues.



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