Monday, March 10, 2008

User-generated video and Word of mouth

This one is about how advertisers can leverage word-of-mouth via user-generated video. The solo panelist is Daphne Kwon from ExpoTV. She had some pretty interesting insights about engaging users that I think are as relevant for corporate blogs as they are to video. It really is about giving up control and providing tools to support users. Wow, what a novel idea...let's provide good customer service, so our customers will say nice things about us, engage us in their communities, and express enthusiasm for your products...

New user review, it's personal - how does it effect what is happening on the Web? The social Web makes connections beyond just those you know.

Which is word of mouth?
  • Friend telling you about a new camera, that is obviously word-of-mouth
  • Blogger you like is paid to write about a product?
  • Colleague got a free camera, absolutely loves it.
  • Online guy writes review about a camera he loves
What makes something word of mouth? from a friend, unbiased, authentic, unpaid, spent your own money on the product... People have different opinions about this.

She went through a few sites to determine if they are considered word of mouth - Yelp, CurrentTV, Facebook Beacon.

This is what advertisers need to know:
  • You need to be transparent
  • Know your users -know the line you can't cross
  • Listen more than talk. Change metrics to reflect engagement as opposed to page views
  • Grow a pair - need to get much more brave; consumer has messaging, voice, and power. Advertisers have to understand that's what they have to let go of. Invite them into the conversation with disclosure and without bias.

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Wish there is a reward program from the corporations.