Saturday, March 8, 2008

Digital Cinema for Indies

How do you navigate this emerging digital landscape? What are the economics of it, and will it save you money?

The number of digital screens is increasing.

Weilder-Blues Bros approach-carried around server wherever he went and showed the film. Used sns to drive people to the screenings. Head Trauma-2006 release.

Wintner-2008, infrastructure not there for indies to get their films to theaters, but its coming. Democritization of film is coming.

dci-studio approved digital format
non-dci flavor

Green-Emerging cinemas provides distribution, theaters, dvds. Use non-dci. Don't need to do dci. Calls it icinema.

Mundorff-10 years ago, this never would have happened in terms of alternative programming at theaters, example Hannah Montana actually a milestone in this vein. Producing opera. Theatrical exhibition will follow the broadcast model. Mainstream films will go to fewer and fewer theaters. More niche content, more Long Tail. Disney, Paramount, and others. would never have allowed their films to come off the screen so alt cinema could be exhibited 10 years ago. Mundorff said theater release is still the holy grail for filmmakers.

Dci compliant-ensures that films keep their look across screens. Studio project, not indies.

Weiler-moving towards broadcast model. 2 camps-dci, non dci.

Wintner-advocates dci. Says it doesn't need to be expensive. "We need people to start using it."

Trends and challenges in online releases-From here to Awesome-Weiler.

No money in theatrical release, all in the dvd end.

Q&A-Demand for 3-d video is out there.-Wintner.-You can't tell people what they're going to see, when they're going to see it, etc. Move to broadcast model. distribution windows are going to zero.

Kirshner-goods news is options for indie film are out there, but thats also the bad news because there is more to compete against.

Weiler-mob move,

mundorff-process just begins when you finish your film, its about process of MARKETING.

green-u r ur own distributor, its up to u

Wintner-need marketing plan. Story is important.

Zak-wouldn't have this convo 10 years ago.

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