Sunday, March 9, 2008

Who Is Inpiring Who? (Hollywood)

This was my first session, so I missed a good bit and most of the stuff being discussed went over my head, but one of the panelist did succeed in catching my attention.

Joe Sanders , a writer for books, magazines, TV and the Website.

Sanders wanted to try out a new theory - basically that people are changing and changing really fast. Entertainment is changing as well.


#1 - Sixty percent of people today are watching TV while online
#2 - Traffic to web magazines are up, while subscription to print is down
#3 - Social networking is globally the fastest growing thing in technology today.

Also, by 2010, half of the videos online will be user-generated.

Story telling in Hollywood has not kept up with these changes.

Hypothesis: We need to think of stories as platforms - that are dependent on an audience.

Types of Audience
1) People who watch
2) People who want to share your work
(Lawyer, lawyers, lawyers)
3) People who want to create content themselves

Where watchers go: Hulu, Genius
Creators: Metacafe and Jump Cut

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