Monday, March 10, 2008

The Web Agency: There Will Be Blood

Chris Bernard User Experience Evangelist, Silverlight/Microsoft Corp

Kevin Flatt Exe Creative Dir, Tribal DDB

Garrick Schmitt VP, User Experience, Avenue A | Razorfish

Brooke Nanberg Exec Creative Dir, ip pixel

Peter Eckert Chief Creative Officer, Projekt202

The panel was sponsored by Microsoft. Due to seating, it was difficult to hear a lot of the discussion, but I included as much information as i could.
Bernard-The economy is changing. Are we in trouble? Convergence is creating a disruption. Whose blood will be spilled and how much blood will be spilled?

We are in trouble, but it depends on who your company is and how well you are prepared for the future.

There is cross-pollination. Old agencies are embracing digital and digital agencies are doing some old media.

What do people new to be good at to be competitive? Have a mastery over data and how the consumer operates over different touch points. How do you adapt to what people are saying about you online.

When the moderator asked the audience how many people are hiring right now, and probably 70% of the room raised their hands. The concept of platforms is very important too. There is a bit of a disconnect. Marketers tend to like to optimize channels.

The skill set for an agency is very broad. Can the industry keep up with demand?

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