Saturday, March 8, 2008


I couldn’t find the room for the panel about getting users to contribute content so I ducked into a panel about Geo cache games… which ended up being very interesting.


I had heard of the traditional GPS treasure hunt type thing, but these guys took it way beyond that by meshing GPS, new technologies, and very wild imaginations to create real-world digital games.

Like these: 

Mob Zombies



Much of the panel was spent discussing “how the iPhone may change the shape of geolocaiton gaming?”

Jeremy Irish- “Still waiting till iPhone actually has GPS in it.”

Audience- [chuckles] 

Also, the term “fuzzy location” was tossed around frequently.

One interesting point that Pacmanhattaner Denis Crowley made was that “the games get a lot of attention but they’ve only been played by a handful of people...for all the press that Pacmanahattan got only ten people played it."

Interesting stuff. 

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