Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wrap Up and Kudos

Pictured above, Dee and Jon chat live during Jane McGonigal's session. Read the full transcript.

Although this is likely not the final post, I'd like to do my wrap up by thanking all the students who worked so hard during this exercise. They gave up part of their Spring Break to participate, and I hope they all found it enriching. This was really the best of both worlds, a fun experience where a good bit of learning occurred. There was networking, confirmation of knowledge, introduction to new topics... good times.

I am deeply impressed with the professionalism and creativity in which this project was approached. We were able to cover the conference with unique breadth and depth, from a students' perspective. Using computer, basic digital camera, and/or handheld low-end camcorder, we have been able to create a vast amount of interesting and engaging content, over 120 posts!

I'd say it's been a success, and I hope to be able to continue again next year. Thanks to SXSW for providing the access and for being super accommodating. I'm still reeling from it all!

Student Blog Producers:
Cooper Cherry
Theresa Fore
Philip Hadley
Dee Kapila
Jac Malloy
Fazia Rizvi
Marc Speir
Anna Tauzin
Michael Trice
Chris Troutman
Sunday Udoetok
Jon Zmikly

Thanks for all your hard work! Enjoy the rest of Spring Break. Stay tuned to this blog. In a few days, I'll have Behind the Blog: The Movie.

6 comments: said...

Great job everyone.. I've enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with SX - Thanks for sharing
- Judy Oskam

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the bloggers and Cindy Royal. This is just tremendous. I haven't even read everything yet -- how could y'all have possibly attended so much, written so much, posted so much, and blogged poetic on so many things?! Tremendous work. Y'all should be proud. It may take a year for y'all to recover, but I'm already looking forward to it! -- Gilbert D. Martinez

Jon Zmikly said...

Thanks a lot Cindy and all grads that helped out with this, it was an awesome conference!

Fazia Rizvi said...

I had a blast! Thanks for setting up this blog. I might have been less diligent about blogging my expereince on my own.

Michael Trice said...

It was great. One last blast and then I hope y'all continue to enjoy all the rest!

anna said...

Totally worth it. Thanks for the opportunity, Cindy!