Monday, March 10, 2008

Global Mood Ring

Three really smart guys trying to launch a social network based on smiley faces and HOWDIES! Two guys are from Carnegie-Mellon. A lot of this didn't really seem to hit a note and I don't think it was just me. The panel did not seem to be to prepared to deliver their message. They did mention that their project was in the experimental stage and they were still looking for ideas. 

How ya doing?

They kept referencing FaceBook but the concept didn't appear to be as well thought out, even with FaceBook as an operating model. And keep in mind, I don't know anything about this stuff. A social network based on moods?

One reason to join  their network is you could tag every particular subjects with a specified smiley face depicting your mood. They state that FaceBook or Twitter takes to much time but in their network you are supposed to rate subjects with smiley faces and determine moods on different issues and events. Or if you have a bad day or need a hug you can go online to let people know your having a bad day or in need of a hug. You rate things based on the Mood Index. My mood is poor and dropping at this point. 

This is stupid.