Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Homogeneous Intern'l Panel

Hello again,

Okay, the audience of the international panel was a lot more diverse than the panel. In fact I had to get Fazia in the shot to get a little global rep in my photo:

The panel on international communities included 3 Americans, a Brit, and a Portuguese moderator. Hey, two continents is kinda global. That said, they offered some insights in how to bring national technologies global.

AMDs 50x15 project is something to check out. They intend to have half the world with some kind of reliable access by 2015. Not sure how closely defined reliable access is gonna be by the time the project hits.

However, Steve Howard of AMD did give a chance to see this:

Yep, the One Laptop Per Child in the flesh. And it takes pictures! I'll post more on this later.

Off to user revolts, but here's a shot of Austin while I'm gone. Had a certain very Austin aroma of reefer out there. Couldn't stay, sadly.

We're turning into a real city!

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