Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Guy Interviews Mark Cuban at SXSW

Fazia I had a seat next to me at the panel that included the Mark Cuban interview.  Some guy named Michael Eisner did the interview and it was very interesting. Of course, I've said that about all the panels. Someone said after the interview that the Eisner guy had worked at Disney for awhile, I guess that's why he did the entire interview using a Mickey Mouse voice.

Funny thing is Mark Cuban started the panel off by referring to the Lacy interview with The Zuck and how NOT to do an interview. With a great response from the crowd. It is now being referred to as "The Lacy" interview in many SXSW circles. 

Eisner discussed the Internet as the new distributing stream of content. He also stressed the importance of content as being the key to what will drive the Internet within the next five years. Most panels have stressed the importance of content and its ultimate power of rising above the others. He states that the big move to Internet content has not yet "hit," but whe it does it will produce both primary and secondary viewing. 

In Eisner's opinion 99% of the user generated content available online is awful and 1% is great.  But, that even the worst content available is trying to tell a story and that is what will translate to viewers. Young 20-30 year-old professionals are doing interesting work at creating user generated content. and that is where he is looking for the next generation of storytellers. He says if you are in the Internet business to go to where the new young people are at trying to get recognized and honing their craft.

He did mention that the new distribution stream of content over the Internet would not eliminate television or any other medium. As with any other functional displacement of a medium, a new course will be found. 

He mentioned the release of a new book in which his company did a series of related stories to the book on YouTube. The series ran 52 straight days and concluded with the release date f the book. And talked about other projects such as Prom Queen and The All for Nots. The All For Nots online series even developed a band that will be playing at SXSW at Club de Ville.

One story Eisner did share about his one time attempt as an interviewer. He was replacing Charlie Rose talking with John Travolta and was told to go to a break at :32. In what he described as an eternity he realized he was only at :16 and had no questions left to ask of Travolta.

All-in-all it was a good interview. Cuban did a good job of playing devil's advocate to some of  Eisner's points with no disrespect.


Dara & Doug said...

You are joking about not knowing who Michael Eisner is, right? Behind Walt himself, Eisner had the most influence on what Disney is today. He was CEO of the company for 1984 to 2005 and was the person responsible for turning an animation studio into a media conglomerate.

Cindy Royal said...

Yes, Dara...he's joking. You'd have to know Jac.

Irene said...

99%, eh? Must have taken him a long time to look at all of those sites....I am sure he thought mine was in the 1% --thanks Cindy!