Friday, March 7, 2008

Celebrity spotting

Whew! Grabbed my badge and my bag of goodies and managed to spot one Interactive celebrity - Heather Armstrong, who blogs at Dooce.

Armstrong's fame can be traced back to 2002 when she was fired from her job for things she'd blogged, igniting a firestorm of discussion about privacy. While I was aware of the controversy at the time, it wasn't until this year that I started reading Armstrong's blog. Dooce quickly because a favorite of mine for it's humor and sarcasm, vivid and heartfelt descriptions of life with a toddler, and richly saturated photography. It was also obvious to me that the earliest entries, before she lost her job, were meant to be anonymous venting at the universe, almost Twitter-like before there was a Twitter. The scope of her writing has changed dramatically over the years. It's a bit ironic that she lost her job for anonymous tidbits, only to find a career in writing much of her personal life and feelings in more detail.

I'll probably go to the Dooce Meetup on Saturday - I'd like to ask her about her photography.

Updated March 12, 2008: SXSW: Dooce Bags Top Honors at Bloggies and Heather Armstrong to speak at BlogHer '08. (I happen to be attending BlogHer for the first time this year.)

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Anonymous said...

We saw Steve Wildstrom long time tech reporter for BusinessWeek at the Kick-off party hosted by Porter Novelli at Six, the club.