Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hardware Mashups: Introducing the Long Tail of Gadgets

As as avid gadget lover and tremendous fan of all things Long Tail; the panel I am most interested in is Hardware Mashups: Introducing the Long Tail of Gadgets. Peter Semmelhack Founder and CEO, of Bug Labs will be leading the panel. Bug Labs takes an open-source approach to hardware that allows those without a degree in electronic engineering a chance to create their own gadgets without even having to solder, but will require that you are able to use the Java programming language.

The company sells a Linux based computer that serves as a base that can be modified by attaching a lcd screen, a digital camera, or even a gps. The idea is simply, create your own personalized gadget. The computer runs completely on open-source software.

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Choon said...

I visited the website, and looks really interesting.

I guess the open source XXX will be everywhere.

Just wonder who takes the rights once a prduct becomes really popular?