Thursday, March 6, 2008


Sunday I began the process of decompressing from another SXSW. Just think, only six months until ACLFest. As I began to sift through the 1s and 0s I had collected during the course of SXSW, I realized the images ranged from Mark Cuban & that other guy to Moby.

Here are but a few of the 350 sights I collected at SXSW.

Michael Stipe - R.E.M.

Michael Stipe at Stubb's BBQ.

Image found at Flatstock in vendor's booth.

Junior Brown at Austin Music Hall. He is so cool.

Eliza Gilkyson at Auditorium Shores.

Serj Tankian at La Zona Rosa.

Serj Tankian, but not with System of a Down.

My Morning Jacket at Austin Music Hall.

Bodeans at Auditorium Shores.

Moby at Vice.

Shelby Lynne at Austin Music Hall.

Flyleaf at La Zona Rosa.


The Emeralds at Elysium.

The Emeralds, Yokohama, Japan. "Do You Like My Shirt?"

Street band, next big thing, I predict they win 100 Grammy's next year.

Snoozefest, I actually cuddled with them for thirty minutes before they woke up. Then I ran like hell.

Some Aussie band at a day show. There's a reason why some bands do day shows.

Flyleaf at La Zona Rosa.

Street band, name unknown, but I bought three CDs from them.

Street band, not an "official" SXSW showcase.

Street band, name withheld, pending record contract.

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Anonymous said...

The photos are a nice touch, but it would be much better to have some sort of info on each rather than just a slew of pics.